Patient Testimonial Treating Multiple sclerosis with Cannabis

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Posted:: 31-Mar-2020

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Medical Condition Treated
Multiple sclerosis

Application/Consumption Method
Oil under the tongue

Product Used
THC Tincture oil; 1:1 Tincture Oil



5ml (half-dropper) every 4 hours


Tincture oil is a fantastic way to treat chronic and acute/ breakthrough pain from my Multiple Sclerosis. I use 5ml (or half a dropper) every 4 waking hours to keep my pain level down.

I most often use tincture oil along with another medical cannabis product, such as transdermal patches for long-term relief while using tincture oil, and vaporizer pens/cartridges for instant relief while using tincture oil.

I also make edibles and capsules with the tincture oil, or mix the tincture oil into a beverage and sip naturally throughout the day. For night, I use tincture oil sublingually under my tongue.