Patient Testimonial Treating Inflammation with Cannabis

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Posted:: 22-Jan-2020

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Medical Condition Treated

Application/Consumption Method
As an edible

Product Used

Home Made

A small bead of RSO on a small piece of chocolate or between two cashew halves.

When I need the effects of a cannabis edible but want to avoid the sugar of store bought edibles I’ll have a small amount of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) on a small piece of chocolate or between two cashew halves.

RSO was most useful for treating the pain and inflammation in my knees by allowing me to get lots of quality sleep after a surgery I had a few years ago for the complete replacement of both of my knee joints and the reversal of surgeries performed on me when I was a kid and teen.

During the first two weeks after each knee surgery, if I took the pharmaceutical pain medication prescribed to me (Norco in the case of my last surgery) before going to bed I would wake up immediately after the pain medication would wear off, which was about 4 hours after taking it. Many times it would take me about an hour to fall asleep and so I would only get about 3 hours of pain relief and sleep.

Even though the instructions on the bottle of Norcos say to take them as needed for pain, if I dared to take a second dose when I woke up I would quickly run out of pills and be accused by the pharmacist of abusing the medication if I requested a refill too soon.

Having experienced this too many times after surgery made me want to do my best to avoid depending on opioid medication for pain relief after my recent surgeries, which is why I relied mostly on cannabis instead this time.

A bead of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) would give me a much better experience than two Norco pills would. The RSO would give me 6 to 7 hours of quality sleep and when I woke up I would have a lot less pain and inflammation in my legs than I would with the 3 to 4 hours of sleep I would get when I would take the Norco pills prescribed to me by my doctor.