Frequently Asked Questions


What is is a place for patients to share their medical experiences treating themselves or a pet with a cannabis medication and find the nearest marijuana dispensary where to purchase it. The closest dispensaries are ranked according to the number of patient testimonials submitted by each location.


Is a place to find treatment options (for example, is it a place to find which THC product is best for my chronic back pain or to help me reduce inflammation)?

No, is not a medical guide or to be used as such and does not provide medical advice. If you need help with the management of a specific disease, condition, or its symptoms, you need to consult with the a medical professional for treatment or advice.


Why should I post my medical experience treating myself for a medical condition using marijuana on

There are too many people who doubt that cannabis has any true medicinal value and has the power to cure as it does. Let it be known how cannabis may have helped you relieve yourself of a specific disease or medical condition.


How do I find a marijuana dispensary near me?

Go to and click the orange Find button on the home page.


Are all postings submitted to published on the site?

No, only testimonials approved by Weedera will be published to the website. Weedera reserves the right to reject any testimonials it chooses to.

What are examples of the types of testimonials that would not be approved by Weedera?

Weedera will not publish testimonials that are not related to a legitimate disease or medical condition, where the person submitting the testimonial does not appear to take the subject matter serious, if there is any content in the testimonial promoting other entities or products without Weedera's permission, or if the medical condition indicated was not treated with cannabis.

How do I get my dispensary listed on your dispensary finder?

If you have a licensed weed dispensary you would like to have listed in our dispensary finder, please click here to contact us for details. 


What is THCA?

Why is cannabis decarboxylated?


Strain Related Questions

What are some of the most often asked about strains?