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Weedera® is a place created by a patient where patients can share their medical experiences treating themselves or their pets with various cannabis products and find the nearest dispensary where to purchase them.

About Me, The Founder


Michael Ferguson

Lynwood, California

California State University, Long Beach
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration | Major: Marketing
Graduation Year: 2001

My Story

My name is Michael Ferguson. I’m 45 years old and I have been medicating myself with cannabis for the past 20 years.

I created Weedera® while in recovery from surgeries I underwent in 2016 and 2017 involving the complete replacement of both of my knee joints, the removal of screws placed in my knees during a surgery I had at the age of 8, and the repositioning/tightening of tendons in my legs that were repositioned during both that surgery and another one I had at the age of 16.  

I was born with clubbed feet and knee joints that lacked the shape needed to keep my kneecaps in place. The frequent knee dislocations throughout my life damaged the ligaments in my legs and left me walking bone-on-bone by the time I reach the age of 30. My feet were corrected at the age of 1 but it wasn’t until later that I would have knee surgery.

My previous doctor performed several procedures on me at the age of 8 and 16. Each of which were unsuccessful and a big let down for me at the time.

After my surgery at the age of 16, my doctor told me that there was nothing more he could do for me because I was too young to have the only procedure he thought would make any difference - the complete replacement of both knees - and that I would have to wait until I was older. When I was old enough for the procedure I would be denied health insurance because the deformity of my knees at birth was deemed a pre-existing condition. Consequently, I was forced to tolerate the pain and discomfort in my knees for another 15 years. It wasn’t until a law was passed in my country (the U.S.) prohibiting health insurance companies from denying people like me health coverage for having a pre-existing condition that I was able to have coverage again at the age of 42.

Cannabis has helped me to deal with several conditions, including the stress of not having access to health insurance the majority of my adult life while trying to deal with several health issues, such as my knee problems and a bacterial stomach infection (helicopacter pylorithat caused me to experience negative reactions each time I'd eat anything solid between the years 2010 and 2013. I have also found it to be very helpful for the treatment of anxiety, depression, inflammation, insomnia, and the pain I have experienced.

I’m very grateful to cannabis every time I think of how many more pharmaceutical drugs I would have had to take throughout my life if I had not utilized cannabis.

How Am I Doing Now?

My knees no longer dislocate now that they have been completely replaced but are still very painful to stand and walk on. My health insurance was unwilling to give me the needed amount of physical therapy treatment after each surgery contributing to the development of scar tissue (arthrofibrosiswhich has prevented me from enjoying my new knees for almost four years after my last surgery. They only wanted to give me the amount of physical treatment that is given to a regular knee replacement patient but I was a knee replacement patient who also had a lot of other work performed during the same surgery that made my circumstances different which they were incapable of recognizing.

The scar tissue that developed as a result of the surgeries restricts my knees from bending past 90 degrees and makes them difficult and painful to bend. What's most hard to get used to is the swelling which occurs after just 10 minutes of standing or walking.

Cannabis and the project of creating this website has helped me stay productive and sane during my recovery.

Progress report: March 10, 2020

I've experienced a significant drop in my income since my last set of knee surgeries in 2016 and 2017 due to my inability to work as I used, was therefore no longer eligible for private health insurance, and am now on a new insurance plan - Medi-Cal.

With Medi-Cal I was able to be seen by a doctor and physical therapist at one of the country's top rehabilitation centers. 

They said that the pain and inflammation I've been experiencing has mostly been due to my now even further atrophied leg muscles that my previous insurance would never acknowledge I needed help with, and put me on their priority list for their physical therapy program which will address this aspect of my legs finally. According the them, they have specialized technology and treatment for this condition. It's a relief because none of the physical therapists and doctors I've been seen by up to this point would ever pay much attention to the issue of my atrophied leg muscles and have expected me to rebuild them on my own by following a couple of hands out with leg exercise on them which I never saw results from.

The bad news is that the waiting list is so long that I'm still going to have to wait another 6 to 10 months until I'm able to begin. Also, they don't think I'll ever regain the 30 degrees of range of motion that I have lost in my legs since last having physical therapy. 

The other bad news is that the doctor I was seen by gave me very little hope that I would ever be able to bend my legs much more on my own than the little over 90 degrees that I'm able to too now. It is very frustrating because I had once gotten them to 120 degrees following my knee surgeries in 2016 and 2017, but due to how stiff my knees are, preventing me from bending them on my own the way my last physical therapist expected me to, and my lack of any more physical therapy I slowly lost that range over time.

Below are testimonials I have posted on the site about my experience using various cannabis products.

Treating knee pain and inflammation with RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) after knee replacement surgery.

Treating knee pain with a topical cannabis salve - Baba Salve by Omm Remedies

Treating knee pain with cannabis lotion - Extra Strength Body Creme by Apothecanna


I dedicate this site to my friends and family members who have passed away and could have potentially benefited from the use of medical cannabis if it had been better understood and accessible during their lifetime.

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